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A Letter of Loss

Losing a pet isn't just losing an animal;
it's saying goodbye to a family member.

Hi, My name is Nikki! 👋🏻

The loss of a family pet can be a deeply emotional experience for children.

They may struggle to understand their feelings and emotions, and it can be challenging for parents, who are also grieving, to find the right words to provide comfort and explanation.

That’s why I have crafted this special letter that is customised to your family and is aimed at helping you to find the right words to say, when words are hard to find.

What is ‘A letter of Loss’

‘A Letter of Loss’ is a heartfelt, personalised letter designed to help children cope with the grief of losing a beloved pet. This letter speaks directly to your child, acknowledging their loss, validating their feelings, and offering gentle support.

How It Works

  1. Personalised Information: Fill out a simple form with details about your child and their pet.
  2. Customised Letter: We use the information you provide to create a personalised letter that addresses your child’s unique experience.
  3. Delivered with Care: The completed letter is sent via email, ready for you to share with your child at the right moment.

“A Letter of Loss provided the words I couldn’t find.

It was exactly what my son needed to hear.”

Why Choose ‘A Letter of Loss’?

  • Personalised to Your Family: Receive a customised letter, addressed to your children, acknowledging the bond they shared with their pet.
  • Age-Appropriate Language: The letter is crafted to be easily understood by children, providing comfort and clarity.
  • Emotional Support: It acknowledges your child’s feelings and helps them process their grief in a healthy way.
  • Celebrate Those Cherished Memories: Honours the life and joy your pet brought into your lives by incorporating special memories or traits you share.
  • Accessible Anytime: Simply provide a few details in the form below, and we’ll deliver warmth and support directly to your inbox, offering solace when you need it most.
  • Peace of Mind for Parents: Offers parents a thoughtful and caring resource to support their child during a difficult time.

Start Healing Today

Help your child navigate their emotions and begin the healing process with “A Letter of Loss.”
It’s more than just a letter—it’s a compassionate tool to support your family through a difficult time.

How to Get Started

  1. Fill out the form below: Provide details about your child and their pet.
  2. Receive your personalised letter: Check your email for the beautifully crafted letter ready to share with your child.
  3. Support your child: Read the letter together and offer your love and comfort.

“The letter was a beautiful way to help my daughter understand her feelings after our dog passed away. It brought us both comfort.”

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Letter of Loss