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Quality of Life Assessment

I will support and guide you through this process, to determine whether your pet is living a good life, or just surviving.

Bereavement Support

In a private 1:1 session, we can talk through your grief. I will listen and support you, and provide tools to assist with your grief.


Nikki has created a range of resources, including published books and journals, all aimed at supporting

Quality of Life Assessment

All too often we are faced with knowing when to be selfless enough to gift the ultimate act of love (euthanasia).

I offer clients a non judgemental, supportive space where together we can complete a quality of life assessment together and give them a numerical figure as a baseline for the day and that is the figure we compare to daily moving forward. 

From this, we consider the obvious changes but also really pull apart the quality of life assessment to determine if the fur family member is simply existing on this earth or are they enjoying an acceptable life quality. 

This helps you to make an informed decision about your fur loved ones quality of life right now, and what you might expect to see in the immediate future.

It is my goal to ensure that you feel supported in having made the right decision at the right time. 

Sessions = $65 each

Bereavement Support

Experiencing the loss of a fur family member is real and should be recognised as such.

There are many stages of grief and no path or rule in which to follow.

Unless you have experienced the immense love and then loss of a fur love then it may be impossible to understand the depth of devastation that can be experienced.

Speaking with someone who will not judge but who will understand the potential many layers to pet loss and the grief around that can really help you work towards your healing.

Sessions = $65 each

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"Nikki truly cares about you and your furbabies"
I would highly recommend Nikki as she truly cares about you and your furbabies. She is so easy to talk to and can really help in any stage of this very difficult and personal process. I feel comforted knowing that when the time comes when I will need to make theses tough decisions that I can give her a call. I have seen firsthand how her genuine understanding and empathy has helped families cope with their loss.
- Tori McDonald
"Nikki can help you and your pet find the peace you need"
Having to say goodbye to a loved pet is devastating but so often it's the decision of when and if it's the right time that is the hardest to make and accept. For anyone going through loss or illness of a furbaby I couldn't recommend Paws for Talk more highly. Nikki is incredibly caring, compassionate and understanding and truly has the most amazing ability to support you through these difficult times. No matter what the circumstances Nikki can help you find a way to make the impossible decision and deal with the loss, grief and guilt to ensure both you and your pet find the peace you need.
- Lisa Brown
"Nikki provided invaluable support post the passing of my beloved best friend."
Nikki provided invaluable support post the passing of my beloved best friend. I wish I had known of Nikki's services during the heart wrenching end of life road my Ant (dog) and I travelled down. Thank you for your comforting words which helped me move on from the depths of despair to acceptance that I did all I could for my much loved boy.
- Bonnie Buttons
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